31 fun facts about the irish twins momma

31 Fun Facts about Me

31 Fun Facts about Me

WOW! Today I am turning 31 and I thought I would share some fun facts and things I have learned over the years.

  1. Money does not grow on trees so do not live beyond your means.
  2. Hard work does pay off and you will not see it immediately but in time you will.
  3. Live in the moment. Have fun, sprinkle sparkles, and make 5 people smile or laugh daily.
  4. Drink hot tea or coffee no matter what. They both have antioxidants and they give me a calming feeling while chasing around my boys.
  5. Stay active. They are not kidding that your metabolism slows down when you age or that if you are not active you lose it. Honestly, in high school, my metabolism was awesome and now not so much.
  6. Be grateful. Some people do not wake up to see another day due to so many health conditions that cause you to take your last breath. If you wake up be grateful for that day.
  7. Cherish your friends, neighbors, and family. I have had some of the best friends and neighbors come into my life in the last 10 years that I could not image live without now. They have become family and mean the world to us.
  8. Drink 8 cups of water a day if not more. The effects are amazing and others will notice before you do.
  9. My favorite hobby is creating memories and that can be by making new things or going somewhere with family and friends.
  10. I love to run, but not as much as I love my family and friends. However, I still need to run several times a week for mental clarity.
  11. I am stubborn as anything like my father.
  12. I wouldn’t know how to sew a single thing if it weren’t for one of my dad’s friends, Bonnie.
  13. My best friend Laura, sister Brittany, and I made a Britney Spears music video when we were younger.
  14. When I was in middle school I often spent my whole allowance at Wal-mart. Sorry, not now since I don’t get an allowance.
  15. I take every mistake as a learning lesson to improve.31 fun facts about me pin
  16. When I write I think how each individual may feel when reading my posts, emails, and more. This may be why at work I read an email 10 times before sending. (SORRY MANAGEMENT)
  17. I plan on volunteering more as the boys get older and helping out in my community.
  18. I knew how to ride a motorcycle at the age of 10. My boys will likely be the same.
  19. I prefer to be barefoot all the time if I could.
  20. Fall is my favorite month and I absolutely love pumpkin everything!
  21. I am a neat freak… It used to be worse so I think I have gotten better. However, I still limit the chemical in my home so my kids can enjoy cleaning with me by using my Norwex Products.
  22. I love all different kinds of music but not limited to country, R&B, techno, hip hop, alternative rock, and more.
  23. I would absolutely love to backpack through Ireland and take my boys with me.
  24. My dream is to have a pool in my back yard.
  25. I just maybe more excited about the family going to Disney World this year then they are. I have even started making a special bag filled with goodies to entertain themselves for the drive south.
  26. If I become very successful financially, the first thing I would want to do is help children in foster care and help people in my society in need.
  27. I hate horror movies, but love action movies and most Disney movies.
  28. I never went to Prom. Long story, but I don’t feel like I ever missed out.
  29. I absolutely 1000% hate drama and negativity. Life is about living so as stated above be happy for each day as not everyone gets the chance.31 Fun facts about me
  30. The last 2 things so I have to make them count. I could carry on a conversation with just about anyone. Like yesterday with the nice lady in Wal-Mart in the Shampoo section, because I guess they were not selling lotion enough so they moved that to the front of the make-up section and put the shampoo in the back.
  31. Things and life don’t always have to make sense immediately, but in time you may learn why it did make sense at that time.

I hope you really enjoyed these 31 Fun Facts about me and I am off to finish celebrating my 31st birthday. I hope you all have a magnificent day!


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