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DIY – Medal Holder

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DIY: Medal Holder

I really wanted a place to hang all my medals from running and put them on display. This is become a huge accomplishment for me after the last few years. I have been really happy with all the races I have done and each one has a great memory. I realized I have lost some medals along the way, but that is okay. I am hoping that due to me making this do-it-yourself (DIY) medal holder they will stay put and be a constant reminder of the accomplishments I have made.

Each time I run a race I see all different variations of people that inspire me to keep running regardless of any more obstacles that may get in my way. I have run races for cancer, wounded warriors, and just for fun. Every single one is a different experience, but everyone out there participating is doing it to support something and to be healthier by staying active.

In order to make your own DIY: Medal Holder you will need the following:

  • Paint
    • Ipurchased the paint that I wrote “run” in at Wal-mart. It is an acrylic paint with high gloss to give it a more finished look.
  • Hooks
    • The hooks pictured here are double prong and were purchased through Amazon.
  • Mix the Media Wooden Pallet Board
    • I purchased this at Wal-mart already put together, because it makes it a lot quicker for me to make what I want from it during nap time when my boys are resting.


  • Use a pencil to write out what you want it to say so you can have a template and make marks where the hooks will be.


Be careful where you hang! We happened to drill a hole through our drainpipe in the wall that is for our toilet upstairs. An easy hanging project became a big hole in the wall to repair the pipe before we could actually hang anything.

(I know I have mentioned before it is never a dull moment here and I am sure you can see why.)

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  • Renae

    I love this. Being a runner is something I write down every single day as a goal of mine. I hope one day I need to make one of these medal holders!
    I have several friends who are runners (one just ran in the Boston Marathon!!) and this would be such a special unique gift!

  • Trina

    Like that you keep it simple with all the items you use for this. Cheap, easy and serves a great purpose. Well, I’m not sure how $$$ much it ended up costing you. Just know, you are in good company on creating more work & money issues with hobby habits!

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