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Make Craft Your Favourite Hobby with Patchwork

Make Craft Your Favourite Hobby with Patchwork

Guest Post By: Alyssa Moylan (Bio at the bottom)

The art of patchwork has been predominant over the years been recognized as one of the most popular forms of sewing and threading. It basically encompasses stitching together smaller pieces of fabric of the same or different colors or different patterns onto a more substantial portion of cloth to generate a sense of aesthetics.

If you have an eye for all things beautiful and have often found yourself interested in various craft-related activities or been wanting to do something new and exciting, you should buy your patchwork quilt kits online and embark on a beautiful journey.

You can make your own quilts and even apparel with decorative motifs and designs. Although this craft requires much attention and concentration and should be done with love and care, it is totally possible for you to develop this hobby if you are keen enough.

The History of Patchwork

Before you buy your patchwork quilt kits online and develop this hobby, it is vital for you to understand where this craft originated from and how it became famous over the years.

Documentation of quilting with patchwork can be found up to 5000 years ago when the Chinese and Egyptians used to sew together layers of cloth to stay warm and feel cozy. Although, it was not used for a beatification process, then, it slowly developed into works of art.

There is even evidence that the Japanese soldiers used to incorporate layers of quilted clothing into their armor to protect themselves. Quilting was then used in bedding around the 11th century in Europe which later came to be known for its artistic pursuits.

This led to the art of quilting and patchwork, where beautiful pieces of small fabric were laid down on bigger clothes to make them pretty.


Making It Pretty

While you buy your patchwork quilt kits online if you want to pursue your dream, you have to have a sense of comfort and sanctity in order to imagine what design you wish to make. For this, you must look at many quilted pieces to understand how exactly your designs should look and feel. Once you have a good grasp on the traditional, you can use your patchwork quilt kits to virtually create anything and everything.

Your imagination should guide you in your creative pursuit. The more innovative and novel your placement and symmetry is, the more beautiful your design will be. You should be totally involved in this subject.

Different Patchwork Patterns for Your Next Quilting Project:


  1. The Bento Box Pattern
  2. The Small Squares Quilt Pattern
  3. Patchwork Patterns for Babies
  4. The Star Crossing
  5. Kaleidoscope
  6. Double Four Patch Quilts
  7. Puff Quilting
  8. Rag Quilts

Incorporate Masterful Techniques:

No matter how much you want to develop a design and have a vision of it in your mind unless you have excellent training and motivation, there is no way you can approach your goal. For this reason, it is necessary for you to get good practice even before you buy your patchwork quilt kits online. Without the help of proper training, you will not be able to pay attention to detail and perfect your work.

If you cannot find a trusted teacher who can guide you, you can take help and guidance from videos and online training courses. They can provide you with all the directions that you will ever require.

Once you have created your piece, it is crucial that you maintain the product with the utmost care and compassion. These are fragile fabrics and you have spent much effort on them, only dry cleaning is permitted on the quilt. This will maintain it in good condition for a long time.


Begin a new craft with patchwork quilt kits online and master it to perfection. You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket; all you must do is be meticulous and with concentration and focus, you will soon achieve brilliance.

Recommendations for where to buy your Patchworking Quilt Kits:

  1. The Quilters Closet
  2. Amazon

Author: Alyssa Moylan

Alyssa Moylan

Alyssa Moylan is an ordinary woman from Australia, a writer by day and a reader by night. She writes on various topics like home improvement, business, lifestyle, health, travel, and fashion. She likes to think of ways on how to solve daily life problems of people. Follow her on Twitter to stay updated.

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  • Jaya

    I love the patience and love that goes into quilts. Several of my friends gather around a frame and create lovely creations by hand. Patchwork of easy to learn and a rewarding experience.

  • Amelia

    A friend at work son’s passed away unexpectedly (result of acne medication) she used his clothes to make quilts for friends and family. It was therapeutic for her and lovely memories for them.

  • Jenn Summers

    I really love to quilt, I have not done any patch quilting perse but I love to make a nice cozy quilt. W have a quilt shop around here with some amazing ladies and the owner is absolutely amazing. She offers classes and she helped me so much with my very first quilt. Nothing beats the quality of a fine handmade quilt.

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