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Custom Ana White Farmhouse Table

Custom Ana White Farmhouse Table

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The Dream Farmhouse Table:

We moved into our new home in 2018 and I really wanted to make it inviting with farmhouse decor. I told my husband it would be nice to have a farmhouse table that was eight feet long so we could easily seat eight people comfortably.

Researching Different Farmhouse Table:

We went to furniture stores and I was shopping online, but could not find one made of solid wood that was in my price range. All the ones I found would cost be several thousands of dollars in order to the table to be made of solid wood.

The table had to be able to withstand two boys and/or me dancing on top of it. You never know we could just turn the dining room into Coyote Ugly and sing Leann Rimes. It also had to withstand the test of time with projects dealing with painting, coloring, and so much more.

We Found Farmhouse Table Building Plans:

My husband and I searched and came across Ana White’s page. She has magnificently detailed farmhouse furniture plans that make building almost any farmhouse furniture easy so I took her design for 4×4 Truss Beam.

With the Truss Beam design, I love that the beam across the bottom of the table is up far enough that I can easily get all the crumbs and dropped food that the boys don’t bother to mention.

Seating Arrangements for our Farmhouse Table:

I didn’t want a bench to go with the Farmhouse table as Jack and Luke at the time were only ages one and two. They were still in booster seats and needed the backrest of a chair. I found these great chairs by Ashley Signature Furniture that is an antique white color with a dark wood stained seat. Having an easy to clean seat was a necessity otherwise I would be stuck re-upholstering the seats due to stains.

Once the chairs arrived we were able to stain the top of the table combining two different color stains in order to achieve the wood colors to match.

The Accident:

Then I decided to wash my van one day and the car washing liquid container fell. The corner of the car washing container hit the tabletop. The container cracked and the car washing liquid saturated the top of the table causing my wonderful husband’s wood stain job to be washed away. He was not happy, but he did restain and at almost a year it still looks as good as when we first brought it inside.

Protect your Investment:

It became a big joke of everyone saying, “Whatever you do don’t mess up the table.” My husband decided the tabletop should be protected from the kids and I,  with the constant banging for forks, paint projects, playdoh, and so much more. We went ahead and once completed put a clear thick layer of epoxy which will allow my beautiful custom Ana White Farmhouse table to last for generations.


Our beautiful table is now a focal point in our dining room and a great family gathering spot. It is absolutely perfect for entertaining, family game nights, and even arts and crafts.

We still get compliments from family and friends about how much they love our table. Some even request my husband to build them one. It’s crazy looking back now that it only took 1/4 of the amount of money to build it ourselves then to just buy it from a company.

As a memory of my car washing disaster, we received these coasters from some amazing friends as a great memory of the hard work my husband put in to complete this beautiful table.

Please share away and hope this helps you create the perfect dining room table for your family.

– Sincerely,


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