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Fall Running with Mom

Fall running tennis shoes

Fall is just about here and my running is still going on till we start getting to freezing temperatures or snow in Virginia. I am an avid runner that often runs 3 to 6 miles several times a week in the evenings. However, fall running with the cooler temperatures gives me something to look forward to instead of the blazing heat of the summer.

Here in Virginia the past few Saturday mornings it has been so refreshing with the lower humidity. It was around 62 degrees by the time I got down to the trail along on the Rappahannock River. It felt absolutely amazing!

I am currently training for a half marathon at the end of September, so I decided to tell you about my go-to products to get through this half-marathon including my clothes, shoes, and other necessities.

Fall running with the Irish Twin's Momma


Hydration is key for any type of physical activity and is necessary for your organs to function properly. Furthermore, you need electrolytes and minerals in your water. I use spring water and add a package of drip drop. The directions on the back say to add to 16oz of water, but I often put it in a little more than that. Drip drop is not a sugary sports drink like others on the market.

Drip Drop ORS prevents muscle cramping, increase endurance and mental clarity during fatiguing activities.

Sodium is a necessity when dehydrated. We often think it is bad because we think of it as a way to retain water. Well, when you sweat you are loose water that your body desperately needs. However, the problem with just consuming sodium is that it has a hard time getting through the small intestine.

Glucose to the rescue. Glucose helps the sodium get through the small intestine into the bloodstream. Want to read more about this process check-out the sodium-glucose co-transport system. Now that sodium and glucose have reached your bloodstream it allows water to get through plus other electrolytes including zinc, potassium, and magnesium which relieve dehydration fast.

Fall Running Clothes & Undergarments

  • Fall Running Pants

My all-time favorite pants would be Champion C9- Everyday Curvy-Fit Pants. They have duo dry technology and still have stretch so you are mighty comfortable while running or lounging after a run.

Some days were my runs are longer than the normal 3 to 6 miles I wear leggings. I often get them Target as well because I love C9 Champion products. They hold up well and I can often get over 2 years of use out of them.

  • Fall Running Capri’s

Okay, I am bias to C9 Champion Capri’s however, I have also worn several others including bally and Marika which I love too. Marika makes a style called Tummy Control that gives a slimming effect. It makes me feel more comfortable since I have lower stomach bulge due to 2 c-sections and a hysterectomy.

  • Fall Running Shirts

    I often get my running shirts from the clearance section of Kohls. They normally have a decent selection for an amazing price!

    • Short Sleeve

    • I absolutely love any loose fit Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, and more shirts. When some mornings or evenings are a little chilly I can wear a jacket so that way I can just take it off if needed. I do have some normal fit shirts which hug you, but I am more comfortable in the looser shirts.
    • Long Sleeve

I often get my running shirts from the clearance section of Kohls. They normally have a decent selection for an amazing price!

  • Fall Running Jackets

    Some mornings or evenings in the fall end to be on the chilly side. I often wear one of my light Nike Jackets or Half-zip ones to keep me warm. Remember though you will warm up when you run so you don’t too many layers that you are uncomfortable.

Proper Shoes & Socks

My go-to brand of running shoes is Asics and Brooks. However, my favorite is the Under Armour Run Cushion Tab socks. They are comfortable and I feel like my feet can breathe in them more.

Fall Running Necessities

  • Wearables

I first started out with a Fitbit and loved it. I would say I am never changing to Garmin, but I had ruined so many Fitbit. They either quit staying charged or would just stop working. I have since switched to Garmin in the last year and it has been the best choice yet. Here are my favorites:

My favorite goo is by GU. They have some excellent flavors including caramel macchiato and espresso. Okay, I love them all. I would be sitting here all day telling you all the flavors. They are only 100 calories and provide essential electrolytes that help to decrease muscle damage and mental fatigue. 

Body glide has been the best product that I have ever used to prevent chafing before it started. You just apply it before you get dressed and is save for your clothing. It is highly effective and longlasting. It does not clog pores as it allows the skin to breathe. 

This is a foam roller that allows you to get to those tough trigger points and helps with healing. This prevents lactic acid to build up in your muscles which causes them to hurt which in turn helps with flexibility.

I just recently heard about Goodr a few months back. You may have seen a picture of me wearing a pair on my Facebook page. They are wonderful. For $19.99 you get glasses that don’t slide off your face and are super comfortable. I, of course, have the shamrock pair that is no longer available and the “Teeth in or Teeth Out Tonight?” The styles are always changing every few months so if you have a pair you love you have to grab them quick.

Goodr Teeth in or Teeth out tonight

  • Hats

At this point, I am sure you can tell I like to run comfortably but have the proper attire. Hats protect your face from the sun, but they also help me from having as much sweat dripping down my face. I often still have to carry a paper towel, but It seems I don’t have to wipe my face as often when I wear a hat. Most often I just wear a visor because it does not really mess with my poney tail.

Fall running gear

In conclusion, fall is my favorite time of year to get outside and be active. The summer heat is coming to an end in Virginia and we are starting to plan our Halloween costumes. I think this year we will be the Mighty Pups from Paw Patrol per my 3-year-old, Jack. We shall see.

Do you want to read more about my exercise plan? What is yours? What are your favorite exercises?




  • Jenn Summers

    You are a rockstar hun! I love to go for walks with our girls along the walking path that goes just around the outside of our town. It is peaceful, besides my children haha, we try to as often as possible our goal is every day but sometimes we work a bit too late. It is such a great part of our routine and helps the kids sleep better and I feel like it is doing something for us too. Hopefully, next year we can bike rides, however still working on that haha!

    • irishtwins16

      I tried to do the walk yesterday evening because I remember you saying something about that, but we only made it to the train table. I walked around that like 500 times as I had the smallest train, but Jack had the fastest, and Luke the longest. LOL Its always a competition.

  • Jenny Bhatia

    I am borderline motivated to sign up for a race. Keep the motivation coming:) There are some good ones in February in Florida. I am almost there. I need to get back into the habit of running. I miss it. I am going to get some new running gear, based on your list, that always helps!

  • Emily Adams

    This was great timing for me to see your post tonight. I literally just started the couch to 5k program today after months of not running and I need some new running pants so I’m going to check out the ones you recommended. Thank you!

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