Fishing with Dad
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Fishing with Dad

Fishing with Dad

Fishing with dad

Fishing has been around for ages as this was one of the main sources of food for our ancestors. Now, this not only gives us food but allows us a way to bond with others in the great outdoors. Regardless of your skill level, you can learn so much fishing from how to bait a hook, cast a line, and be patient.

My Fishing History:

I grew up being raised by my father as my mother passed away from cancer when I was very young. I have several good memories with my father that my husband has started passing down to our boys. One of those is fishing and being on the water.

For about 8 years I lived in a townhouse in Daytona Beach, FL with my twin sister and father. We had a lake in the backyard that we often would go fishing at. I loved going fishing and I can still remember how happy we were when we caught a fish at age 5. My sister would always want to kiss the fish before releasing them back into the water.

Our Boys Learning to Fish:

Now my boys are 2 and 3-years old when writing this. Luke being 2-years old is not ready for fishing. He can not be quiet. He announces (yells) where the fish and ducks are. It’s comical, but to all the other people fishing around, I am sure they were not thrilled.

Jack is 3 years old did great. He just isn’t allowed to put a worm on the hook, which is pretty understanding. My husband will cast it for him and Jack slowly reels in a fish. He has caught a fish with his technique too.

Jack fishing

I think next year and onward he will only get better with practice. Then eventually he can cast himself and bait a hook. It’s very exciting to watch kids grow and learn things you learned as a child let alone have wonderful memories of as an adult.

5 Things that are bound to happen when you fish with Dad:

Per a well-known Angler, Matt West, these are the five things he lists and I feel it is very accurate:

    1. You win. When it comes to competing between a father and son you might lose. Whether Dad lets you win or not, the teacher becomes the student sooner or later. Competition can vary from the first or last fish to the biggest or smallest fish.
    2. Life Lesson number 48,736. He may not know it then, but every trip out fishing with dad will end with a new life lesson. Whether is about the bait of choice that day or something else, dad will always steer you in the right direction.
    3. The stars align. Maybe the two of you don’t always agree on life, but fishing can be a much needed ‘reset’ for your relationship. Fishing makes everything better. Taking a day out on the water helps clear the air and get or keep things on the right track.
    4. You become providers. Fishing enables you to be a provider for those who depend on you. Whether a father and son come together to accomplish this, not only do they put food on the table for the family, but the metaphorical torch is passed from one generation to the next provider for the family.
    5. Tradition continues. There is nothing more iconic than a father and son fishing. When you fish together, you carry on a tradition that is timeless between fathers and sons.

Jack and Luke are ready to fish

Fashion from The Children’s Place and Teva Sandles.

Necessities for Dad and Son Fishing:

  1. Fishing poles
  2. Bait Caster or spinning reel
  3. Tacklebox & supplies: Weights, Bobbers, Line, Worms
  4. Sunscreen (Bull Frog Sunscreen & Bug spray all-in-one) – My husband swears by this after I bought it for him and told him just to give it a try.
  5. Fishing Hats
  6. Sunglasses

Over and beyond fishing ideas and gifts:

  1. Chartered fishing tour
  2. Fishing Shirts
  3. Waterproof bag
  4. Fishing pliers
  5. Red headlamp for night-time fishing
  6. Fish Finder

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