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Two Boy’s Bedroom

Two Boy’s Bedroomboys bedroom

The Boy’s Bedroom Situation:

When we lived in our 1500sq ft home both boys were in their cribs in the same room. We put their dressers back to back in the middle of the room and their cribs across from them. Their room was not very big, but we could open up the dresser drawers and still have a little walking space so it worked for the time.

When Jack was 2 we put on the toddler bed rail which is just taking off one of the long sides and replacing it with a lower one. I don’t know who thought of that, but there is a lot of good and bad with it.

Our Crib Purchasing Error for the boys:

When we purchased the crib sets for the boys with the matching dressers, we had every intention of keeping them in that set until they moved out. That started to change because we were unable to get the full-size conversion kit. We waited two years after buying the cribs to even think about the conversion kits. That was our own fault since Franklin & Ben had decided to discontinue the Mayfair line and were creating new ones.

First few weeks in the new home before phase 1 of transferring to twin beds.

The Boy’s Transition from a Crib to a Toddler Bed:

There is no said timeframe to upgrade from a crib to a toddler bed, but most recommend right around 2-years of age as some children try to climb out of there cribs. Yes, this did happen with Luke so right before his 2nd birthday he went to a toddler bed so we didn’t need to be scared of him breaking his neck.

Jack never attempted to really climb out of his crib. He even would stay there and cry till we came and got him. Everything changed though when we moved.

The Upgrade from a Toddler Bed to Full-size Bed for Jack

When we moved we decided we would get Jack a full-size bed which we customized with just a standard full-size bed frame to the headboard of the crib. It seriously was a waste, but it worked for a bit. He did not stay in it often because he had space and always wanted someone to sleep with him. Luke would fight with Jack and vs Versa, as they both wanted each other’s beds, but didn’t want anyone else having there’s so we had to make a change.

The Upgrade from a Toddler Bed to a Twin Bed:

I went on a hunt to figure out what I could do and be cost-effective. There were some other guidelines too:

  1. Had to be able to fit 2 beds in there current bedroom – The boys being that they are only eleven months apart wanted to stay in the same bedroom so I knew they both would need twin size beds.
  2. The beds had to be durable and able to last for a long time.
  3. The frames must match the knobs on the dresser in order to make the room blended.

Yes, you read that right. I am a little crazy about everything matching. Shortly after I found that we should go with metal bedframes we said goodbye to cribs and toddler beds. It was time for the boys to have a bedroom redo.

The boys are now 2 and 3-years old. However, they both could still use a toddler bed, but I was noticing a lot of frequent visits to our room in the middle of the night which was not allowing us to sleep well.

The Boy’s Bedroom Decor:

When we purchased our new home we knew that the boys would have a playroom in the loft while my husband had a man cave in the basement. I made my husband a “Man Cave” sign and Jack kept telling me it was his so I decided for there bedroom they had to have one too.

Little man cave sign

I made this with a presliced piece of wood from Wal-mart and my Cricut Maker. Click here and you can download this template FREE.

When I showed the boys the sign they were so ecstatic and then the arguing began on whos truck cave sign it was. Have I ever mentioned that it is never a dull moment with these two? There is constant competition and arguing between the two of them, but that is common when they are so close in age. I do know my twin sister, Brittany and I use to do the exact same thing.

List of items pictured:

  • Their names on the wall are with permanent blue vinyl (Oracle 651) that I made with my Cricut Maker.
  • The wooden J and L letters I bought at a local craft store and painted them black to match the beds metal bed frame. Then I added a sawtooth hanger to the back to be able to hang them on the wall.
  • Each boy has a piggy bank which I bought each one when they were first born to start teaching them how to save.
    • They get a quarter when they match a whole load of socks, help mommy with chores, and more they receive a quarter that they can put into there piggy banks.
    • If Jack gets more then one quarter he is always generous and gives Luke’s piggy bank some change. We will get into more about chores around the home soon.
  • The alarm clock between the piggy banks is also a sound machine that is absolutely necessary. I think this helps a ton with drowning out the occasional outdoor sounds or just about anything.
  • On the far right of the photo is a Chevron Storage Caddy with pullups, lotion, safety Q-tips, fingernail clippers, and bath items so I can just grab it when needed instead of searching around. We don’t need the pullups anymore, but we still have so many so Luke wears them to bed to prevent accidents in the middle of the night.

The Boy’s Car and Truck Bedroom Theme Twin Beds:

For the boy’s room, we decided to go with a construction, car, and truck theme. Anything dealing with cars and trucks is their absolute favorite. I also thought it would be good for them for a few years so I could finish customizing the rest of the house.

twin boys cars and trucks bedroom

List of items pictured: Metal Bed Frames, Mattresses, Mattress Protector, Pillowfort Quilt, Pillowfort Sheets, and Construction Wall Decals.

Target has to be one of my many absolute favorite places for home decor items. This is where I bought the Quilt and Sheets often has sales where you can save 20% on home items. As well as, you can sometimes find the quilts and sheets on clearance inside your local Target.

Cars and Trucks bedroom

Do you have have a son and wish to redo there room? Please share your ideas and I would love to inspire you to take that leap.

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No purchase is necessary.

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  • Silvia

    I have four daughters. Three of them sleeps in the same bedroom (in a bunk bed with a twin size on top and a queen at the bottom). Baby (which now is 16 months) sleeps in the crib in her own bedroom… can’t wait to get rid of that giant bunk bed a place two girls for each room… I know it will still be hard to make them happy… I know – as your kids – they will fight for every single detail… but anyway, someday it will happen (hopefully before baby Lucia will try to climb out of her crib )

  • Brittany Vance

    I have two boys. The oldest is 2 and youngest is four months. The baby still sleeps in our room but they’re going to have a shared room. My toddler has a toddler bed and there’s a crib in their too and both of their toys. I’m waiting to actually have them both sleep I’m there until they’re sleeping a little better at night. I really love how you give them quarters for doing things to go in their piggy bank. My baby doesn’t have one yet, but my toddler has a special piggy bank and loves putting change in their. I think I’ll start having a little bag of change and give him a quarter for doing things.

    • irishtwins16

      Never are they two young to start saving. Plus you can give him a quarter for helping you with the baby. Jack really is a huge helper now and assists me with setting the table even.

  • Erin

    Super cute bedroom! I agree that moving kids out of the crib depends on the child. Our son was out by 2.5 but our daughter staying in the crib until 3.5.

  • Flossie McCowald

    Aww, LOVE the “Little Man Cave” sign – very creative! I have recently completed a long-overdue makeover of my daughters’ rooms, so this is a great reminder that I should write it up. Love how your redo turned out!

  • Esmé Slabbert

    You have done a lot of decorating and work yourself, which I just love. When my kids, now grownups with their own kids, were small, things were slightly different for me. I tried to make stuff myself, but not that handy with that type of stuff, but fortunately, my late mom, helped out in that department. If you left me in the kitchen, I could cope and do my thing, but what you do I admire. Great job

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